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Hi, my name is Martynas Jocius. I am an author, music producer, and explorer.

My job and passion is to hunt knowledge via experiments, work on alternative education and build products that help people live better.



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by Martynas Jocius

Flow is a meditative journey into a wild nature of our inner world.

This extended single is recommended to be listened in the dark while laying on the ground, or while doing creative work.

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by MJ aka Virsmai

The hot summer sun has just set, but the dawn is already breaking in the east. You look at the clock and see the sign. Here, among wild forests, meadows submerged in mist and shining cities, the rhythmic colours fill up the skies. People connect and return to themselves – to the unexplainable vital process.

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Mind, Productivity, and the Good Life

"Mind, Productivity, and the Good Life" is my first international book published in the beginning of 2013. I put into it the most important things that I discovered while building my software business in 2007-2012.

This book is about mind conditioning, overcoming obstacles, doing more what's important in less time, and learning how to be fulfilled right now.

I hope you will enjoy it!

Book is available on Amazon here.